Frequently Asked questions

What is Peanut Games?

It is a small team of crypto natives, gamers, and normal folks like yourselves that's here to make some cool shit.

Do I need to purchase an NFT to play your games

Nope, all free-to-play.

What was the FREE MINT NFT, Netherthorne Battle Pass NFT and Genesis Bubble Bots NFT?

  • For the Builders NFT was a free mint back in June 2022 shortly after the luna crash to symbolize resilience and the enduring spirit of web3 innovation. This complimentary mint was a tribute to those committed to building the web3 ecosystem.

  • The Peanut Games' Netherthorne Battle Pass, which was created on Immutable X in 2023, successfully sold out its entire supply of 999 units at a price of 0.039 ETH each.

    Minters received a free Genesis Bubble Bots NFT collection airdropped via the ETH chain.

  • On May 2024, the Genesis Bubble Bots NFT collection has been burned. The new Peanut Games Bots NFT collection has now replaced the original Genesis Bots collection.

Check out our game deck which is found in our docs via https://docs.peanutgames.com/docs/

Can I earn from playing your games?

Currently the games are to earn Points, which would be translated to the on-going earnings of Blast Gold/Points campaign.

Where can I check my points?


Why is your Peanut Games’ Netherthorne Battle Pass NFT on IMX then?

We partnered with IMX back in 2022 and agreed to launch them on IMX.

My iOS app (still Mini Bots; waiting on the latest update to hit the app store) has the bubbles rising still, but on pc they're going down like they originally did.

There are differences between web and mobile app:

  1. Orbs flying up in mobile, but falling down in web

  2. Bubbles (the bubble orb) can be moved in app, but cannot in web

  3. Robot selection is different on app than on web


Will there be an audit for Peanut Games?

Yes, the audit is completed! Please check it out Audit.

What is Peanut Games' Blast Addresses for deployment?

Contract Address = 0xd72ee37F3E73f0D57dF44CDaEe7Edc497C1489bd

Operator Address = 0xBAD3943a685725d1fA997A5570F8A336ab6d093D

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